Adult Life Insurance

Do You Know Your Options for Adult Life Insurance?

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When you're facing life's greatest challenges, you want to feel protected. Little Agency & Associates offers policy options for adults ages 30 to 50. From mortgage benefits to income protection, we have the right adult life insurance policy for you.

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Stay afloat during critical times

You shouldn't have to resort to crowdfunding or relying on friends and family when something bad happens. With the right policy, you won't have to. Learn more about our adult life insurance policies below:

  • Income protection: If your spouse dies or you're left as the primary caregiver, this policy will keep you afloat financially up to two years. Some policies may cover up to five years based on income.
  • Mortgage benefits: If you're left with mortgage payments after the death of the primary signer, this policy helps you refinance your home or have the means to make your monthly payments.

If you're dealing with a divorce, we have policy options for that too.

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